Hubbard Helps Twin Cities During Covid-19 Outbreak

Like many communities, the Twin Cities has been impacted by the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent results involving the closing down of schools and many businesses. To help support our community during this difficult time, Hubbard Twin Cities is supporting and sponsoring several important groups and initiatives:

Minnesota Central Kitchen

We continue our partnership with Minnesota Central Kitchen. This is a new initiative with Second Harvest Heartland and Loaves and Fishes. The concept partners local chefs with food pantries to create meals that can be delivered or picked up by families in need. We continue to see an increase of locations for pick-up and more restaurants/suppliers are joining the cause.

For more information, please visit:

Free Meals for Kids

After two weeks of working with our friends at Hunger Impact Partners, they have launched a new app called Free Meals for Kids. Originally, the app was known as Summer Eats, which provided locations for kids to get a free lunch during the summer months. With the new reality that kids need food now, Free Meals for Kids was created. The App is powered by GPS and shows locations of schools and other sites that are providing meals and meal packs, with days and hours for distribution. It also shows the distance and directions to the nearest site. Kids up to age 18 can show up without prior signup for free meals. For more details, please visit:

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