Hubbard Broadcasting Inc.

Founded in 1923, Hubbard Broadcasting is a family owned and operated media company proudly headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota. While many of our stations have their own business operations, it is the Corporate Headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota, that is home to the many corporate support functions including Legal, Human Resources, IT and Accounting/Finance.

Fun Fact: It was important to our Founder, Stanley E. Hubbard, that we serve the entire Twin Cities community and that belief lead to the border of Minneapolis and Saint Paul to run down the middle of our front lobby!

Now celebrating four generations and a deep history including the formation of the first national radio news service, to the purchase of the first television camera ever sold, to the innovation of Satellite News Gathering and broadcasting high-power DBS programming direct to U.S. homes, Hubbard Broadcasting continues to develop innovative ways to connect with the people and communities it serves through the medium of broadcasting.


3415 University Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55114