A Great
Place To Work

Working at Hubbard Broadcasting is much more than a job, it is a career.

We reward our employees by providing strong career paths, supportive leadership, local autonomy and empowerment in decision making. Whether telling news stories, providing audio entertainment, creating ad campaigns, or leading teams, we strive to foster a work environment as fun as it is challenging.

How Hubbard Broadcasting is Handling COVID-19

Hubbard Broadcasting recognizes that the recent COVID-19 outbreak has affected all of our employees in one way or another. To assist our employees, Hubbard Broadcasting is doing the following:

Working Remotely

HBI is allowing those employees whose positions have the technical capabilities to do so, to work from home/remotely

Clean Workspaces

For those employees who need to come on-site to the office, we are conducting even more rigorous cleaning and disinfecting practices for the workspaces

Social Distancing

For those employees still coming into the offices, we have reconfigured workspaces to allow for social distancing

Free Meals for Employees

At locations with onsite cafeterias, we are providing free meals all day for our employees who need to still come into the office

At Hubbard Broadcasting, the safety and health of our employees comes first and foremost. We look forward to the end of this pandemic and will continue to support our employees throughout its duration and aftermath.

The Hubbard Broadcasting Commitment.

Career Growth

At Hubbard Broadcasting, we offer vast possibilities for professional development. Whether you're an on-air anchor, production engineer, or a back office administrator, we create opportunities for employees in every position to succeed. We believe we make the greatest impact when we retain and develop talent from within our organization.

Collaborative Environment

With strong leadership and an engaged workforce, our employees tackle challenges as a team. At Hubbard, you'll find open doors and office environments that encourage collective brainstorming. From informal stand up meetings to offsite team building activities, we believe that our best work is done together.

Exciting Work

Every day our employees get to do the most exciting work in the business. From interviewing music and television's biggest stars to investigative journalism to learning about the latest digital marketing trends, employees from every facet of our business are always engaged in thrilling work.

Opportunities to Succeed

At Hubbard, we equip our employees with the tools they need to achieve their dreams. Hubbard's employees and companies have garnered numerous accolades and awards over the years, from the local to the national level. We aren't just dreamers, we're doers.

The Benefits of Working For Hubbard

We offer a competitive total compensation plan including full benefits, opportunities for growth, and a creative and enjoyable work environment.



Benefits for a Healthier Life

Here’s to your health and wellness! We offer all eligible employees and dependents a competitive benefits package including medical, dental and vision insurance. Salud!



Our Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts let you set aside pre-tax money to help pay for eligible medical care for you and your dependents. Hi-five, Accounting!


Life & Disability

Life insurance, supplemental insurance, long-term disability, even AD&D... You're covered for just about everything. No asteroid insurance yet, but we’re open to new ideas.



On day one, you can start saving and will be fully vested in the company 401(k). 


Paid Time Away

Full-time employees get 9 paid holidays a year. Plus, the longer you work, the more vacation you get. So, where’s your next trip? We hear Brussels is nice.


Family and Personal Time Off

Growing Family? Aging Parents? Sick Loved One? Flu Bug got you? We understand people get sick and change happens in all stages of life. We will work with you to find a solution to take care of life events with time off.


Credit Union

Were you ever the banker in the game Monopoly? This is easier. Hubbard offers credit union services like savings and checking accounts, money markets, IRAs, CDs, loans and more.


Employee Assistance Program

It’s like that best friend you can call anytime. The Employee Assistance Program can help you and your dependents deal with a variety of personal problems.


Employee Discounts

Get the hook up! We help your pay go further by connecting you with discounts on cell phone bills with AT&T and Verizon, as well as movies, theme parks, hotels, tours, shows and more.

Our teams are Passionate, Strategic, and Innovative.

What our employees are saying


"I have worked for Hubbard for over 10 years. In that time I have grown to think of myself as a valued employee and that is because of the culture that is fostered from every corner of the building. It’s a culture that values opinions, encourages creativity, and thrives on a sense of community. I get to come home to my daughters who know that mommy spends her days working for a company that is proud to have women in leadership positions, and they also get a mother who is satisfied with her career. Being able to work for a company that helps allow me to be their best example is priceless."


On-Air Talent (Chicago)

“Not everyone gets to LOVE their job, but here, it’s just the way of life. Great co-workers, resources and a passion for making the best product possible for listeners and advertisers leads to an amazing work environment!”


On-Air Talent (Cincinnati)

“I enjoy working at Hubbard because people here know that good ideas can come from anyone in any position, so there’s a lot of creative freedom. I’ve never felt micromanaged or like my growth in the company was limited. You get big market media experience with amazing and diverse people who become your friends. Hard work pays off here because they promote from within and are quick to give their employees opportunities. Every single day is different, and I’ve had so many unique experiences from working here. I’m told from people all over the country that Hubbard is the best company in the radio industry because of how well they treat their employees."


Social Media Content Strategist & Social Media Jock (Chicago)

"Hubbard is a gem in the modern broadcasting world. There is a high level of respect between managers and employees and camaraderie among employees themselves. The managers are effective, non-adversarial leaders and actually strengthen the work ethic of the team, resulting in outstanding journalism. Rather than throwing in the towel, we are conquering the new media, digital world to ensure the security of the whole group. Lastly, unlike other media companies, you really get the sense that the employees are assets, not liabilities."


Matthew R.

Weather Anchor (Washington D.C.)

“Innovation and inspiration are what I experience each day. We play a role in impacting companies' profitability by providing market data intelligence and innovative strategies so they can compete at a very high level.”


General Sales Manager (Cincinnati)

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