Our Culture

The community at Hubbard Broadcasting is as vast as it is diverse.

With stations spanning the country, we focus on creating unique communities within our locations to accentuate the greatness of each of our markets. Our on-air personalities are a visible extension of each of these unique communities.

As a whole, Hubbard Broadcasting strives to create a community of acceptance built on the foundation of creativity and ingenuity. We succeed by always doing the right thing with focus, urgency and passion. If you are looking for a place to set down roots and find a true career filled with rewarding opportunities and creative outlets, Hubbard Broadcasting is perfect for you.

Diversity at Hubbard

Appreciating the diversity in our employees, clients, listeners and broader community isn’t something new at Hubbard Broadcasting.

It has been part of who we are since our founding and continues to define us today. We believe that valuing everyone regardless of their background is simply the right thing to do and that is how we operate. We are stronger through our diversity in race, religion, gender, age and in thought processes, educational levels and life experiences. Whether you work at Hubbard Broadcasting, conduct business with us, or are a viewer;

we value you and everything that makes you uniquely you.

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The educational and cultural wishes of every significant minority must at all times have careful consideration in our allocation of program time. Public interest is not well-served if religious intolerance, social hatred or civic unrest is fostered through the use of our facilities. In the handling of controversial disputes, every effort must be made to give equal opportunity to opposing points of view, having in mind that it is the policy of the company to be fair and impartial…regardless of race, creed, or social and economic status.

Stanley E. Hubbard, Founder Hubbard Broadcasting, 1939


Our Values

As a company, we believe in working hard to create media that is ahead of the curve, innovative, and informative. We remember the lessons that our long and rich history has taught us and implement those teachings across each of our many arms. Built on the values of hard work, innovation, creativity, and a tireless pursuit of the next big thing, we are never satisfied with "Good enough."

From radio to television to digital media, we strive to create innovation and drive lasting impressions that reach far and wide. By creating strong relationships with our partners, we make big cities feel like small communities through the unifying voices of our on-air personalities.

What our employees are saying


“Not everyone gets to LOVE their job, but here, it’s just the way of life. Great co-workers, resources and a passion for making the best product possible for listeners and advertisers leads to an amazing work environment!”


On-Air Talent (Cincinnati)

"At Hubbard , you’re more than just another employee. Upper management really takes the time to listen to your ideas and invest in your growth. This isn’t an organization where you simply clock in and out or just 'get the job done' - Hubbard is an innovative, evolving organization that allows you to innovate and evolve with it. If you’re looking for a place to grow professionally, where your skills are valued and your work makes a real contribution within a thriving media organization, Hubbard Radio is the place to be."


Database Marketing Specialist (Washington D.C.)

“Innovation and inspiration are what I experience each day. We play a role in impacting companies' profitability by providing market data intelligence and innovative strategies so they can compete at a very high level.”


General Sales Manager (Cincinnati)