St. Louis

The Gateway to the West

About Our St. Louis Market

At the Hubbard Radio St. Louis, we mirror the innovation, values and community spirit that drive our region. We immerse our consumers in entertainment and local content that dazzle their senses, touch their hearts and stimulate their minds. Our goal is to extend our reach, create greater efficiency and further increase passion among our consumers in each new experience.

New Country 92.3 is celebrating its 40th year of service. Our station’s strong heritage, entertaining personalities and dedication to the community bring the poetry of country music to life each day.

106.5 The Arch is the station everyone can agree on, with a variety of adult hits and a feeling of “What will you hear next?”

WXOS 101. is the #1 sports station in St. Louis, 101 ESPN carries the best of ESPN programming, as well as major Play by Play of all sports and locally Saint Louis Blues NHL hockey. 

KSHE 95, “Real Rock Radio”, was one of the very first radio stations to play rock music on the FM band. In 2017 the station celebrated 50 years of rocking St. Louis and is the longest running rock station in the world!

105.7 The Point, "Everything Alternative" is celebrating 30 years and counting as St. Louis' original Alternative station. The Point's unique music position, community involvement, and their #1 morning show "The Rizzuto Show" is what makes KPNT a ratings juggernaut for St. Louis. 


KSHE 95, “Real Rock Radio,” is the longest-running rock station in the world! Known as one of…

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106.5 The Arch

106.5 The Arch is All About the Variety! The Arch caters to St. Louis with a vast…

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105.7 The Point

105.7 The Point, “Everything Alternative” is celebrating 30 years as St. Louis’ original Alternative station. KPNT’s unique…

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101 ESPN

101 ESPN is the #1 sports station in St. Louis, featuring a local lineup of talent, the…

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New Country 92.3

For more than half a century, 92.3 WIL has evolved with St. Louis by presenting a vibrant,…

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